Caesarstone Quartz has been renovating homes since 1987

Are you in the market for quartz countertops for your home? Then it is good to know more about the vendor who makes your product. Caesarstone Quartz was the pioneer of the natural quartz surfaces market. Most likely its name comes from the ancient Roman city of Caesarea, where the company began in 1987. Today its headquarters are in Kibbutz Sdot Yam in Israel, while Caesarstone products are sold in 42 countries around the world. The first United States location opened in Richmond Hill, Georgia in May of 2015.

Caesarstone Quartz became a leader through,

  1. A continuous effort to invest in its products and to innovate new ones
  2. Extensive research and commitment to progress
  3. Excellent training for its workers and
  4. Far-thinking support to keep the company running smoothly.

In 2012 estimates that they hold 13% of the global market for engineered quartz surfaces. The company’s largest market is Australia. Next highest is the United States and then Israel.

Not only is Caesarstone Quartz one of the top quartz producers but also they are highly focused on the environment.

  • In the wake of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, Caesarstone joined the Coasters for the Cause. This fundraising initiative was established to raise money for the American Red Cross.
  • Caesarstone was the first stone company to be certified ISO 14001-compliant. This means that all of their factories meet standards that take it easy on the air, water and land around them.
  • As part of its commitment to the environment, Caesarstone recycles 97% of the water used in its manufacturing process.

Finally, what makes up a strong and leading company is not just the products they sell. Caesarstone places great emphasis on creating a workplace of respect and equality. Caesarstone’s CEO, Yos Shiran, says:

“In order to be able to change a company you need to know its business very well, you need to live and breathe all of its aspects. There are common things that work everywhere and this starts with people. It starts with respecting people, be open to different opinions and encourage people to say out loud what they think. It also means to encourage them to think about things, and to make sure that everyone understands that what each of us do— whatever his job is in the company—matters. Other important things include trust, transparency, constructive criticism and the grant of equal opportunities to everyone. This is all part of building a team.”

Here are four of the top selling Caesarstone Quartz colors:

Caesarstone Frosty Carrina

Caesarstone Quartz Frosty Carrina

Beautiful soft ivory white with delicate powdery gray veins









Caesarstone London Gray

Caesarstone Quartz London Gray

An eloquent opaque light gray with soft charcoal veins









Caesarstone Pebble

Caesarstone Quartz Pebble

A grey quartz with consistent black speckles. It is an ideal countertop choice for high traffic kitchens



Caesarstone Symphony GrayCaesarstone Quartz Symphony Gray

An orchestra of delicate dark grey tones complimented with the textured depth of diagonal surface veins





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