Beautiful, Durable Copper Sink

Copper Sinks are more than just beautiful: If you have been considering or planning a kitchen or bathroom remodel a sink is likely on the list. There is a chance that when the idea of a copper sink entered your mind you instantly thought of a beautiful sink turning green. Or perhaps the thought of a high…

Quartz kitchen islands

Quartz Kitchen Islands

Quartz kitchen islands are both functional and beautiful. Simple tables and freestanding surfaces have been used in kitchens recorded as far back as Victorian England. More modern-day islands that we see today did not get their start until the 1950s. The mid-century housing boom brought new construction methods and materials, which gave rise to more…

Quartz Backsplashes

Quartz Backsplashes

Quartz Backsplashes are changing homes with endless possibility The kitchen backsplash has been a functional part of homes for a long time. It was probably introduced when indoor plumbing became common and protection from water, grease, and other splashes behind the sink was needed. Styles of the backsplash have evolved over time from the bright…

Calypso Silestone Quartz

Sparkling Quartz Counters

Modern kitchens are high tech, sophisticated and say it all with sparkling quartz counters. Today’s kitchens are streamlined, efficient and, well, contemporary. More and more of what we see are hidden dishes and utensils, docking stations and smart appliances. With all this modernization and its clean, clutter-free look, it might seem that personality could be…


Elegant’s Cornerstone Article Highlights

Elegant’s cornerstone piece shares our company’s knowledge and experience with you. When it comes to both residential and commercial renovation, quartz remains one of the top picks for many reasons. Durability, flawless color consistency, and antibacterial material. All these qualities make this engineered material an easy choice for a variety of restoration projects, big and…

Blanco Silgranit Sink

Blanco Silgranit Sinks

Blanco Silgranit sinks make a statement of quality and distinction. Blanco Silgranit sinks have been bringing comfort, practicality, and stunning design to homes and more since 1994 and innovating kitchens since 1925. When it comes to the everyday good old sink, where does yours rate? If you’re thinking of renovation or even just looking for…

silestone3 kitchen

Silestone Quartz – A Family Company

Silestone Quartz is the leading manufacturer in today’s market Silestone Quartz is a wonderful example of a company that started out small and grew to be one of the leading sellers in today’s industry. Their story is of three brothers, the Cosentino Group’s founders. Francisco, Eduardo and José Martínez-Cosentino Justo started Silestone in 1990 in…


Versatile Quartz Color Accents Your Home

Quartz color accents even in small spaces Neutral grays and earth tones have increased in popularity for quartz countertops for many rooms in the home. Besides these subtle shades the use of quartz color accents is also becoming increasingly popular. There are many ways that accent color can be achieved. Change a room by pairing a…

White Quartz Countertop

Natural Stone Quartz Makes Every Room Beautiful and Unique

What’s the best material to make every room in your house beautiful and unique? It’s natural stone quartz, of course! Granite and marble are the most common materials that come to mind when deciding on home renovation materials. These have been readily available and transforming homes for over 50 years. Granite and marble materials replaced…

stainless steel faucet and white sink elegant granite

Don’t Forget The Faucets

Whether you’re considering granite, quartz or marble to decorate your kitchens and bath, you will want to compliment them with high quality, beautiful fixtures that don’t detract from the countertops. Choosing the right faucet is just as important as selecting the right appliance to match the colors and theme of your area. Perhaps you are…

bathroom granite countertops elegant granite

Need New Bathroom Countertops?

When you pick out your bathroom countertops keep in mind the process of choosing your kitchen counterops is not the same. For instance, typically bathroom activities are not as harsh on countertops as those in the kitchen so you can choose a stone that is a little more delicate.  This will give you a wider variety…

backyard granite countertops elegant granite

Granite All Around The Home

You may be thinking that since you are not remodeling your kitchen there is no need to think about granite. This is far from the truth. There are many other areas throughout the home where you can install this stone and get that extra elegant touch you are looking for. Here are some areas where you…

black granite countertops elegant granite

Granite-VS-Quartz The Showdown

If you’re planning on upgrading your countertops but are struggling between whether you want to go with beauty of quartz or durability of granite, then this article is for you. The choice isn’t an easy one because both options are full of superior qualities. Read along as these two stones are compared in an effort…

Artisan Copper Sink K810

Copper Sink, Easy Upkeep

Do you have a copper sink and can’t get it cleaned completely? Or are you thinking about getting a copper sink but the care and upkeep are keeping you away from the big purchase? Your fears will be answered with these simple steps: Remember less is more. Changing color is not a sign of a…

absolute black granite countertops and patterned backsplash elegant granite

Backsplashes For Granite Countertops

Now that you have installed, or are planning to install granite countertops, what should you do with the backsplash? You definitely want one that is going to compliment your kitchen and new countertops, but you don’t want it to attract too much attention. You also don’t want it to clash with your overall theme. Follow…