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Viatera Quartz Colors

Viatera quartz counter surfaces are exceptionally durable and come in a variety of patterns and colors inspired by nature.

Viatera quartz counter surfaces are exceptionally durable as it is comprised of 93% quartz as well as easy to maintain. Because Viatera is manufactured to be seamless and non-porous, it is extremely hygienic, as there are no crevices or divots for bacteria to hide. Viatera quartz slabs are manufactured to be 24% larger to accommodate this. Viatera is environmentally friendly, using safe manufacturing techniques and sustainable resources. Because Viatera does not use any sealants or waxes on its product, we can easily repair your Viatera countertops should damage accidentally happen to them. Our variety of Viatera Quartz Colors includes a large selection of bright and neutral colors for your countertops, meaning even more choices of color for matching any kitchen.

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Did you know quartz countertops are man made?

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